Wednesday, February 12, 2020

What is Love?

After listening to a book called "Kindness" and reading a book called "What is Love?", we talked about love together. This is what our class thinks about when they hear the word "love"....

"Love is sharing my toys with my friends." Griggs
"Love is when my mom and dad put a bandage on my knee after I fall down." Owen
"Love is making a card for my mommy." Valeriia
"Love is when I help my mom cook and when I help my baby sister." Davia
"Love is when I give my mom a hug." Liam
"Love is helping my mom when she is sick. I help my dad give her medicine." Carter Rose
"Love is helping someone when they get hurt.  I get ice for my little sister when she gets hurt." Brynley
"Love is baking a cake with my mom." Sophia
"Love is being nice to my friends." David
"Love is giving my mom and brother a kiss goodnight." Cambri
"Love is helping my mommy clean the dishes." Giordana
"Love is giving my mommy and daddy a kiss before I go to school." Alessia
"Love is being kind to my mom." De'Shawn
"Love is when I give my mom a kiss." Camilla
"Love is helping mom clean dishes." Braiden

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Global Play Day

Today is Global School Play Day... which is seriously the BEST DAY EVER! The purpose of Global Play Day is to acknowledge the fact that play matters and that kids NEED to play. Our school got to experience first hand all of the amazing benefits of unstructured play.  Our students got to bring in toys and games from home as well as play with all of our toys and games in the classroom.  They weren't told how to play with the toys and they weren't interrupted while they played (except to take a picture here and there).  Everyone had a blast!

We have learned that playing is not a waste of time and that, actually, a lot can be learned through play.  We got away from staring at screens and instead interacted with our peers ALL DAY LONG!  We practiced sharing, laughed a lot, used our imagination, developed our abstract thinking skills, negotiated with each other, compromised when there was conflict and practiced how to always be respectful and kind to each other.  Today was an awesome day for everyone!!